Pre-Purchase Inspection

Our trained eye does a thorough visual inspection of body, suspension, and engine compartment.

We can run vacuum leak test, a complete software scan, and pressure checks for fuel, transmission, and engine oil and advise you accordingly.   CarFaxes are available through us, as well.

  • Visual Inspections
  • Suspension & Steering Inspections
  • Lights & Electrical Inspections
  • Brake Inspections
  • Hidden Accident Damage
  • Exhaust Inspections
  • Software Scan for Fault Codes
  • Climate Control Inspections
  • All Fluids Inspected


Diagnostics and Safety Inspections are our specialty, and we are fluent is English and Spanish.

Since cars today are traveling self-diagnosing computers, we are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools. We have the know-how to find and repair the most complex performance-related problems.

  • Complete Brake & ABS Service
  • Fast Oil Changes
  • Transmission Repairs
  • Suspension Problems
  • Total Vehicle Repairs
  • Engine Misfires
  • Clutch Replacements
  • Auto Air Conditioning Repairs
  • Complete Car Service

Bodyworks & Upgrades

We sponsor race cars, and attend track events.  We can upgrade your stock suspension, brakes, exhaust, and engine performance.

Coast Automotive performs frame work, and we use  our state-for-the-art HawkEye Elite Alignment rack for dialing in your upgraded suspension.

  • Auto Body Repairs
  • Glass Replacement
  • Airbag Replacement
  • Door Ding Repairs
  • Auto Paint Jobs
  • Accident Damage Repairs
  • Complete Auto Body Shop
  • Paint Scratch Repairs
  • Car Detailing

Full List of Services


Following the manufacturer’s routine maintenance pays off in the long run.  Let us help you stay on schedule to save you money.


Proper engine maintenance and repair ensures good fuel mileage, and years of loyal service.  Whether it’s a water pump or a complete engine overhaul, we do it all.


Coast Automotive Bodyworks can repair and paint your car so it looks like new again.  Whether it’s spot painting a door ding, or complete body restoration we can paint it all.


Don’t forget to let us detail your car.  From car washes and wax jobs, to complete color sands and interior maintenance our work can lead to better resale value, as well.

Tires & Suspension

Coast Automotive can diagnose uneven tire wear which says a lot about how your suspension is doing.  Uneven or cupping tread can indicate parts that need to be replaced for safer travel and better handling. We are trained to diagnose these conditions and can give you the best repair options.