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The Coast Automotive Team

Motorcars today are totally different  machines than when Coast Automotive’s auto repair business started in 1996.

Back in those days, a handy car owner could still tinker with his/her car, and not mess it up so badly that any local shop couldn’t fix it.

That was about to change faster than an old master tech could learn to keep up with the pace of the new technology and drive-by-wire automobiles.

Our team is hand picked and made up of young and bright car enthusiasts who can multitask without stressing on these drive-by-wire multi-computer network machines called cars.  Yes, high-end German cars today are loaded with multiple servers constantly controlling dozens of onboard computers while you are sitting comfortably inside driving.

It’s sad to imagine that a technician who cannot operate a pc, laptop, or any smart phone is most likely not capable of understanding the complexity of today’s generation of cars.

Whether you are new in town or looking for an alternate shop — or maybe you’re just simply looking for second opinion — we ask you to please come in and check us out.

We take pride in our work, and our ultimate goal is to for every new client we meet to become a new, trusted friend.  After all, the integrity and success of a shop is only achieved through years of trust from their clients.

Coast Automotive’s New Grand Master Exhaust Technician

Our grand master tech is Mr. Budd.  Formerly of Mesa Muffler, Budd carries 40+ years of custom exhaust fabricating experience, and is a welding guru.  He is well known and respected by many high-end custom shops and body shops throughout southern California for his dedication to perfection.

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